Life And Friendships….

Well….  it’s time again…  Time for another post full of my thinks.


I think about friends a lot lately…  I think about friendships a lot lately…

I think that’s because I’ve been unfortunate and had a few friendships that have ‘ended’ because life has gotten in the way….

That always makes me sad….  It always reminds me that, no matter how hard we try to hold on to the great things in our lives, sometimes life just has to move on and we have to move and grow and change and let go of the old.

Change is always hard for me….  Hell, even rearranging my furniture is hard for me…  But letting go of people that I have grown to trust and count on; that’s hell.

But I guess at every point in life, we need to be able to do that…  we need to be able to move on… especially if it’s what the other person wishes for us to do.

Trying to force a friendship to remain intact is pointless unless both parties want it to continue to exist.

To all of those friends whom I have ‘lost’ lately….  Know that I love you.  Please know that I am here….  Please know that no matter what…..  I’ll always be here for you.  It might not be the same as it was before but I’ll always be here for you.


Life Is What Happens…..

I’ve been feeling a bit blue today…  and the blues kicked in at the oddest time…. and totally out of the blue.

I was snuggling with my Wee and she gave me a kiss… and then BAM!  Out of the blue, the blues arrived.


Well, I think it just reminded me how lonely I can feel sometimes….  Even if I’m surrounded by friends, my Wee, or so busy I can barely breathe; the loneliness creeps in and I remember how great it was to have someone my age to spend time with…. to do things with… to talk with… to cuddle with at the end of a long day.

Usually this kicks in about a month after another failed attempt at getting to know someone to find out if they’re even ‘date-able’. You know… you’ve spent some time with them, talking to them…  hanging out…  just being…  Whether it was just for a few weeks or a couple of months, you start to enjoy having someone your age to talk to and spend time with.

But, as per usual, things have a way of not working out and, well, here I am, a month and a half later contemplating the Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit…. or another dog.

I just wish that my life would go according to plan sometimes.

I said as much to Angus tonight… I’m not looking for miracles or even perfect….  I’m just trying to reach for the stars and hoping for a bit of happily ever after while I’m trying to get there.

His wise advice essentially boiled down to ‘keep reaching… keep working…  you’ll get there.  It just may not be exactly the way you expected or what you wanted… but you’ll get there.’

In response to that, I said ‘I’ve stopped making plans.  My plans always go to shit anyway.’

His reply: “Life is what happens while you’re busy making plans”.

And he’s right….  You can plan for life all you want, but even the best laid plans go to shit…..  because life happens.

That fact, and those wise words… while they bring perspective, they don’t make the lonely any less profound…

But they do remind me to keep on keeping on….

Cause life isn’t easy…

If life is easy, you’re not doing it right.

Time Passes…..

Time has a way of passing… of slipping through your fingers like water….  of passing you by like a breeze in the trees.

It’s been about 6 months since my last post…. Since then so much has changed; but at the same time, so much has remained the same.

I found work.  Good work.  Hard work.  It’s a company that I enjoy, the pay is okay and will get better, and it has benefits.  Benefits are a nice perk.  While I don’t enjoy every aspect of the job, and I am hoping to move into a different position within the company, I do like the company and the people that I work with.

Time has marched on for Wee as well.  She has graduated from Senior Kindergarten, she’s headed for Grade One….  She loves her school, her friends, her house….  And she’s looking forward to the changes to come at school.  She’s also passed swim lesson with flying colours, is doing amazing in piano, and has an eye for home decorating and colour and fashion that I could only dream of having.

The dogs are doing well.  Darwin is still crazy and Stewie is still my teddy bear.

The cats are doing well.  Einstein still sheds a lot and Scamp still hides in the basement all the time.

My dating life is still a big, black hole.  Honestly, if any of you have any single guy friends do feel free to tell them about me.  Thanks.  I appreciate it.

Other than that, currently I am just winding up summer shutdown.  It’s been a great couple of weeks with my Wee!  We’ve had such fun!!!  The summer has been quite kind to us.  We have one day trip left to take tomorrow, a few more doctor’s appointments, and then it’s back to the regular routine starting next week.  In some ways, it’ll be very nice to get back to work.  In other ways, I’ll miss this time that I’ve had with my Wee….  But there are the memories; and the memories made in these last two weeks will last a lifetime.

So that’s my life in a nutshell…  My life in these last 6 months anyway.  My life boiled down into a couple of paragraphs.

Thank you for being patient with me and patiently waiting for an update.  Wee and I appreciate your patience while we’ve been adjusting to all of the changes that life has handed us.