Turn And Face….

Ah life…  You fickle creature.  You always bring me a lot of adventure, a great deal of fun, a fair helping of challenges, and a enough reality to keep me grounded in the now.

It’s been a long time since my last post…. In that time much has happened.  My job that took over after my ‘dream career’ went south is going very well; I do have to say I do love working there; the people that I work with are amazing and the company is great to work for.

My health has hit a few bumps but as usual, Wee and I and our great circle of friends and supports will make it through this in style.  We always do.

I’ve learned more about myself in the last few months since starting my new job.  I’ve learned that I have more determination than even I knew I possessed; I’ve learned that when I set my sights on something, very little will stand in the way of me reaching those goals; I’ve learned that I have more drive than I ever thought I possessed; and I’ve learned not to settle for less.

When your little inner voice is telling you that things are not as they should be and are not making you happy; don’t settle; change.

Change is nothing to be feared.  Change is nothing to run from.  Change is a necessary part of life.

Never be afraid of change….  Never be afraid to change something in yourself that you find undesirable or that you feel needs to be changed for the betterment of your life…  And never be afraid to change your life or the people in it so that it better fits with who you are and what you want.

If you fear change, you’ll never be the person you were meant to be; who you want to be.

Something or someone will always stand in the way of you and your personal best if you fear change.

And not reaching your personal best because of fear of change is nothing but a tragedy.