To Talk Or To Stay Silent….

Controversy.  It seems to be everywhere anymore.  Every subject can be taken and twisted and turned into some form of a controversial topic.

There are two subjects that I feel very strongly about at this moment.  Both, of course, are very controversial to many people; and on these subjects, there are few grey areas or fence-sitters; everyone has an opinion on them and everyone thinks their opinion is the RIGHT opinion.

If you ask me, those are the most dangerous controversial subjects because everyone has already made up their mind on the subject and no amount of discussing is going to change that opinion.

So, now I sit here….  with a million words that I’d like to say on at least one of the two controversial topics running through my head wondering, do I say them?  What will the backlash be if I do?  If I do speak, how can I do it in a way that won’t have me scrutinized and judged by everyone who reads it?  And if I am judged; how far will that judgement of me go?  Will it stop at me?  Or will it reach out and affect my whole family?

Because of these questions, and the uncertain answers that lie at the end of each question, I will sit here and think my thinks…  I will weigh the pros and the cons.  Once I decide if speaking is the prudent course of action, then I will write.

And not a moment sooner.


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