Life Moves And Changes….

One day you think you have it all figured out…  You think you have your shit together…  You think all your ducks are in a row…  You think you know exactly what the next day will bring.

Boy was I wrong…  *laughs*

Time has marched on…  As it always will.

Seasons have changed…  Days have passed…  Hours have felt like minutes…  Minutes have felt like forever.

That’s life.  That is definitely life as we know it.

There have been many changes in the last while; everything from a new dog that was taken from us because the rescue felt that we weren’t responsible dog owners…  To a new puppy coming along within days of the sudden departure of the adopted dog…  To a friend over for Thanksgiving…  To then falling so insanely in love with him that moments without him and his smile and laughter feel like an eternity….  To an engagement ring being placed on my finger…..

Enter a new family…  Complete with a mom and dad who love me and my Wee dearly…  A man with a heart made of absolute gold.  A man who has made his mistakes and paid for his mistakes…  A man who has lived, and laughed, and learned…  A man who loves Wee with all that he has and loves me more than he ever thought possible…  A man with his own set of flaws who embraces all of my flaws.

A man who I fall more in love with every single morning.

And a mom and dad who love us dearly…  A mom and dad!!!!

*Sigh*…  It doesn’t get better than this.

The new puppy is growing like a bad weed…  She is 19 weeks old as of mid-last week.  That put her up almost four pounds from her vet trip two weeks previous.  She’s already 17 pounds…  She’s definitely not a Chihuahua… But we love her dearly…

Wee is doing well in school.  She’s doing more than amazing with piano.  She’s looking forward to getting back to swimming now that I have recovered from surgery….  And she loves her new Grandma and Grandpa…  And loves Philip with everything that she has.

And me…  Well…  I’m happy to no longer have to have a specialist look up my lady bits every two weeks to cauterize everything that was left…  I’m content…  I’m happy…  I’m finding peace…

Philip is managing to take all of my broken pieces and help squash them back together….

I’m far from perfect…  But I’m perfectly content.

And in life, the what’s what truly matters.



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