All About Us…

Me:  Single mom, good friend… GREAT friend…  Great person…  I’ve had some bumps along my road of life…  I’ve learned many lessons; some of them have been HARD LESSONS…  But through it all, I hold my head high, breathe in, breathe out, smile, and remember….  Tomorrow is a new day in this game we call life.

My Wee:  The light of my life…  My reason to smile when I sleep…  My reason to push through each obstacle that life throws at me….  She makes me laugh, makes me cry, makes me CRAZY!!!  But damn do I love that little girl with a personality bigger than anything I have ever seen.

Our Dogs:  Crazy…  Neurotic…  Loving…  A great fit to our story.

Our Cats:  They are creatures of their own minds…  Demanding, caring, sensitive…  But very much their own creatures.

And this Blog…  It’s a glimpse into our life…  Our smiles, our tears, our struggles, our fears, our fun, our laughter, and our love.

Sit back, stay a while, make yourself at home….


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