It’s Amazing….

Time has passed so quickly.  

This summer; our first summer break from school; it is almost over.  

It honestly feels like summer is busier in general, with less opportunity for me to get any kind of down-time than what I get during the school year.  

And I suppose that’s because of the morning routine, the evening routine, and all of the extra lessons that my Wee was wanting to fit in.  

But amongst all of the busy, we kept the fun.  We kept the love, we kept the laughter, we kept the learning…  

And we kept the fun.  

Did we get to do everything that I had wanted to do?  Take the trips I wanted to take?  No.  Sadly, no.  But that’s okay.  We had fun.  

And the trips we did take meant more to us.  Better memories were created.  More laughs were had.  

And that’s what matters.  

But I just can’t believe how the time is slipping.  How it is passing like water through my fingers.  

I was at the kitchen sink last night doing the dishes and a storm rolled in.  It reminded me of a storm almost three years ago…  a storm of great power.  A storm that marked another day when my life took a complete change and became something entirely new.   

And then I couldn’t believe it’s been three years.

And then of course, as my mind will, it started sorting through its memory snapshots…  pictures of times that it remembers just like they were yesterday.  Some great moments; some moments I wish I could forget.  

All of them snapshots.  

Some of those snapshots would dig up more memories…  or an actual complete replay of the events so detailed that those replays would be full of the of sights and sounds and smells that I was perceiving in those moments.  So detailed that the feelings that I was feeling in those moments would flood back like I was reliving those moments again right now.  

Some of those snapshots made me chuckle and smile…  

Others made me sigh…

Others made me cry…  

Hell, sitting here right now, writing about my recent trip down memory lane, my recent sorting of my snapshots…  I’m crying.

Time is passing quickly…  It’s marked by some great achievements…  some amazing laughs…  some great friends who continue to stand by my side.  Some new friends have come into the picture; some old friends have left…  but some great friends are still standing.  

And time is passing…  Some of that time has been full of more than a lifetime worth of sorrow and pain for me…  Some of those memories have left dark marks on my mind and demons in my heart…  

Despite that though, there is still the fun.